Or: How I learned to shoot in a hotel room

So I finally got around to attending Katsucon this year at the behest of my wife, who works Webcomics Guest Relations for it.  I’d also lined up a shoot with the lovely Saber and it’s so wonderful to know that my studio setup actually IS rather portable.  However, it does help to remember to bring the bulbs for your standing lights that you carefully removed before packing up to be put in a safe place for transportation.  Luckily (?) I had also brought along one of my halogens so I at least had something to work with.

I had never done a hotel room shoot before, as I have my own studio and am only now getting back into the con scene.  I knew it would be a challenge but I figured I could make something work.  Let’s just say that the lack of space and lack of backdrop makes things…interesting.  Truly luckily for me, Saber had done MANY hotel shoots and had many pointers to bestow upon me.  Lingerie items as really the only place you can setup is on a bed, and they just go together.  I had thought about using the closed curtains as a back drop but once again: space.  There was a bed where I needed to be, and shooting from behind the bed meant the bed itself got into the shots.  Frustrating.

I am extremely grateful for Saber’s help in guiding me in what works, despite my attempts to try something different.  She, of course, was right.  So shooting with a lighter backdrop, dodging lamp reflections, getting just what I wanted to get into the cramped frame, shifting elevations using a precarious easychair, and really odd (for me) lighting levels and angles made for a learning experience.  Personally, I’m not overwhelmed with the photos that came out, but I left with a LOT of lessons learned.

My hope is to be able to get Saber into my studio for a “proper” shoot at some point soon, heh.  But in the meantime: THANK YOU, SABER! 🙂