I want you to see yourself as awesome as I do.

That’s the answer I give when I want to shoot with someone and they ask…

Why me?


Welcome to my photography page.  I’m Chris Sullivan, more often known by my nickname, Ping.  Adjectives that describe my style are: minimalist, purist, fun with lighting, making the camera do the work, geeky, and unorthodox.

My most important goal in a shoot is to make sure you’re enjoying yourself.  Your smiles are natural, you are having fun, you are relaxed, and everybody wins.  Give me your cosplay outfits, your “what if we try…?” outfits, and your sexy outfits.  Whatever works for you.  I photograph and I guide and I suggest, but ultimately it’s YOUR shoot.

I don’t use Photoshop, I don’t post-process, I don’t use flash, and I don’t want something you aren’t.  I just want you, awesomer.